A New (re)Start.

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It has been a while… a long while, I know…!


Sometimes things don’t happen as we planned.

Sometimes things change in a blink of an eye.

Sometimes things are just meant to “go to space” .


When I decided to start this blog, my main propose was to share my tales with you, my friends, my family. Was also a way to save my memoires on a safer way as the traditional notebook can so easily disappear and with it a lot of recollections and stories.


But I have failed.

Looking at the last time I have posted, I realized that was roughly 5 months ago and I feel ashamed. I feel like I have disappoint many of you. And myself.

There are a few reasons why I gradually stopped writing.

  • I was overwelmed with so many stories
  • It was taking too much of my time
  • I didn’t want to be a blogger that travels
  • I stopped enjoying it.

Honestly, it got to the stage I was living so many wonderful experiences, so many wild adventures and crazy situations, that to be able to sit down and transform all that in stories felt so overwhelming that just felt like I couldn’t share it all. And always though of my Facebook page was great to share it in a much shorter way with a photo and a quick explanation (even tho often with a note that more info would follow later on the blog – but hardly did.)

To make it even harder, as a perfectionist as I am, and slow writer, became such a difficult job to “put it on paper”, not only because I am extremely descriptive and like to tell you everything, but I write quite a lot… which was turning the “production” of only a post in this big assignment and would end up writing for days or long hours on one post only.

But I have to be honest, at some point, to write about my trip became more as a burden. A sort of an obligation I gave to myself. And once I started feeling that way, I stopped enjoying doing it as much. Somehow felt more like I was becoming a blogger that travels than a traveler that blogs, and that was never the goal.

Not looking for blogging awards. Just wanna share my experiences with you.


But having so many of you contacting me asking me when I would be updating my adventures, or ask for those Vietnam tips, or simply ask me for news and whats next, I realize I want to keep writing. I have so much to share that it is selfish of me not to.

Plus, I am impressed I still have roughly 50 to 100 visitors a day on my blog when I haven’t wrote in so long.

So here are the news:

I am back.
And I am back to stay.


something new

Sunset in Boracay, Philippines. 2014



However, don’t expect for LONG posts detailing too much. My goal is to write more often but less content per post.

On top of that I have so many wonderful news (apart from all the adventures and tips I still have to share).

Currently in Portugal having a little break but will write you very soon to tell you all about it why I am here, and also to share my new plans.

Thanks for your patience.
Much love

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