A very special week

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It was the 19th of October 2006.

3 days prior I have found out I did pass my last uni exam, therefore I was officially graduated from my 5 year degree.

It was now or never.

Since my early teenage days I knew I would live in London. I would tell all my friends and family that someday I would live in the Word’s Capital… but when you live in the countryside and those same friends and family never even left the country … it is understandable why would be hard for them to digest my convictions and self-confidence, reason why I was always been labeled “the dreamer”… and that has always suited me so well.

So on the 19th of October of that special year of 2006, I flew with my first ever “one way ticket”. Before I would only bought “return tickets” but I was ready to commit and try. Even tho I did not know how to put a washing machine working, and my cooking skills were a bit doubtful… I knew I could do it. And it was not the lack of professional experience or even my poor english that soon I realize wasn’t that bad after all…. I knew I would be fine and I knew I could make it in London.

And WOW, to think that all happened exactly 10 years ago…!!!

It’s mind blowing to me.

So much has happened in this last decade. I am still the same smiley girl with a huge mouth and big dreams but so much has improved that I dare to say I was only a girl when I moved to London, but the city turned me into what I am today, a complete and strong woman.

Me as a brand new Londoner at KoKo venue

Me as a brand new Londoner at KoKo venue

Now, have you ever heard about the theory that every seven years you change? There’s an old saying that every cell in the body is changed over a period of seven years, and has been now proved by doctors, scientists, anthropologists, psychiatrists, teachers etc, that in fact, it is indeed true that emotional, physical and mental changes seem to occur in approximate seven-year intervals.

On 15th of October 2013, exactly 7 years after moving to London, I completely changed my life (AGAIN) and bought another “one way ticket”.  This time to Mumbai in India. That was the beginning of my quest to see the Word and yet again, pursue another long life dream. Oh boy, and I guess that 7 year theory is right after all.

After 3 incredible years exploring our planet at my own pace, I found myself ready to settle into a more sedentary lifestyle. And where has been the best place in the world for me to live? Yeah, the good old London.

12th of October 2016 – exactly 10 years after ever move back to London the first time, here I am again, with a couple of extra backpacks and luggage and I am excited because I am here to stay. At least for now.  

It has been 2 weeks since I have arrived and it is shocking how it all feels so perfect and so sorted. Is like I have never left. Which it is frightening in a way. Did the city waited for me all this time? People keep remind me that I have been away for long, but I don’t feel it. I guess London does suit me just like a tailored glove (I don’t think tailored gloves exist but you get my point..). So with House, Job and even Gym sorted, I found myself embarking in another and yet spontaneous adventure again….. Oh wait.. I guess I will have to tell you about this another time because I have to pack… as I have a flight to catch 😉

This is just a reminder you all! Remember that if you really want something, the bigger the dream might sound to many and even to you, go for it. Life is too short and you should always follow your dreams and do what your heart tells you to. I do. All the time.

Will write you soon but for now keep checking Footprints in the Clouds Facebook Page. I will share daily and live my next adventures, because no matter how much I settle, I will always ALWAYS leave my Footprints all over the Clouds <3



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