All you want to know about Asia!


Original plan was to travel the world for 2 years.

825 days / 27 months / 2,3 years later – I am still in Asia, the continent I started this journey and haven’t managed to leave yet (apart from my quick European trip!!!)


You see, initially I was planning to spent roughly 10 months around this huge continent, but I quickly realized that I would need much more to explore it on my own terms.

To me, Asia has always been the most exotic continent as it has the most different culture (from my own), therefore is the one I have the most to learn. As a Westerner, to be able to proper explore the East with my own hands and feet has been a massive dream come true, and one of my goals has always been to share that experience with you.




As the time went by, I have learned so many things about this wonderful continent and the fact that is by far the most diverse continent of all made me stick around.

Thing is, you look at countries such Korea, Jordan, Myanmar, Indonesia, UAE and Sri Lanka, and even tho they are all Asian countries, I promise you that are all so different that are almost the equivalent to belong to different galaxies. :p

So trust me, when people ask me: “hows Asia?” you cannot expect a quick and small answer. Unless you are ok with “its wonderful!”


Anyway, since a lot of you ask me the same questions about Asia on a weekly basis, I have decided to do something and finally answer all your questions in one go (or a few goes) :p

Watch the video so you know whats happening next.


Much love


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