Byebye Portugal – Saudades

Saudade (European Portuguese: [sɐwˈðaðɨ]; plural saudades) is a Portuguese word that has no direct translation in English. It describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic or deeply melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves.



After been away for only a few days now, I have this feeling that I will deeply miss everyone so much…

In Portugal we have a very special word that describes exactly what I am already feeling towards my family, friends and life… And the word is indeed saudades…

Even tho I am used to be away from everyone I love as I have been away for 7 years now, however I have always knew I was only 2 to 4 months away to see everyone again… but now is different… and it is scary! So I would like to dedicate this post to my last day in Portugal!

After a few (very) busy days in Portugal the last day arrived way too fast….

It is always hard to say goodbye and in my case I was so stressed as there was so many people and family I haven’t had the chance to say Hi neither goodbye…

But I knew I could always count with my mum. So behind my back, she organized a surprise goodbye lunch for the entire family right before my flight…

Most of my family reunited

Most of my family reunited – surprise party

It was great to see not only everyone in the same room just a few hours away to leave but had the opportunity to spend some quality time by eating in family – probably my family favourite pastime!

On top of that, they have cooked some serious delicious dishes and even tho no one else in the family is vegetarian, there was plenty of vegetarian lovely snacks and the most yummy deserts – everything home made :p

So I would like to thank everyone that organized, cook and made it to my surprise lunch and special thanks to my sisters that cook the best deserts (too bad I couldn’t eat them as I would like as there was no more space left :p), including a “tailored” mango (my fav) cake with Footprints in the clouds =)

yummy - all home made, Miranda family CAN cook & bake

yummy – all home made, Miranda family CAN cook & bake


As for Portugal, I will definitely miss the food, the comfort, my people – family and friends and the Portuguese Spirit which I will try my best to spread it all around the world.






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9 thoughts on “Byebye Portugal – Saudades

    1. Emma Olmi Post author

      Obrigada tia 😀 es uma fofinha!!! vai tudo correr bem e daqui a pouco ja nos vemos novamente 😀 continua a seguir aqui as aventuras e junta-te a mim 😀

  1. teresa

    Mi Manela então que contas á tua titi, estás a gostar da India? vais ficar aí por muito tempo? saudades titi beijinho 🙂

    1. Emma Olmi Post author

      Titiiiii, lol estou a adorar a India para te falar a verdade. Fico ca ate dia 16 de Dezembro, ou seja, 2 meses ca. 😀 beijinhos com saudades xoxo


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