Cheese or Chocolate?

emmaolmi   October 15, 2013   4 Comments on Cheese or Chocolate?


The land of the chocolate, the cheese, the watches and most important, the land where several members of my family live!!!

Some of my dearest aunties, uncles, cousins and even friends are living in the chocolatey land and I could not leave without saying goodbye to them.


So during 5 days I traveled the country and saw several cities from Geneva, to Lausanne, Neuchatel to Biel Bienne not forgetting about beautiful Luzern, all with a mission to see and spend as much time as possible with everyone.


When I usually visit a country or city, I am always interested in the culture, in getting to know more about that place and explore everything I can.

But for the first time, I actually wasn’t interested in any of that…maybe was because I know I have a couple of years where I am going to do that non stopping, or was because I was just too tired or simply because any chocolate, cheese or watches in the world are as important as spending quality time with my favourite people, my family.


fam sw

My gorgeous family

So from little cousins, to big cousins, my gorgeous goddaughter to my auntie and uncles and even a good friend, I finally was done with Switzerland, and finish my European “adventure”.

So just would like to thank each one of you that went out of your way to spend that special time with me. Had a great time and will miss you so much.

Proud of you all that like me decided to be adventurous and leave home to go explore a new place and look how happy you are.

Portugal will always be home for us all, but you can find other places to call home…

As for me, currently juggling all the packing and blog writing plus another 93748204 things as my flight is just in a few hours =)

photo 2

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4 thoughts on “Cheese or Chocolate?

    1. Emma Olmi Post author

      Sweetie, the pleasure was mine 🙂
      Sorry but last days were mental. I have an idea, I left all the pics of my time in Switzerland with my auntie Anabela. They are at Barbara’s computer. Next time you go there take a pen disk and save all you want 🙂

  1. Anabela

    Foi muito bom ter aqui a minha sobrinha mais “maluca” aquela que quando diz que vai fazer alguma coisa faz mesmo!!! Conheço te desde pequenina, e até te ajudei a criar, tantas noites que passamos juntas…as danças, as canções os ensaios… bons tempos:). Sempre disseste que vida certinha e estavel não era para ti, na altura até dizias que as pessoas achavam que eras um E.T porque sempre foste muito diferente das miudas da tua idade… Preferiste sempre a adrenalina da aventura, e aí estás tu a seguir a tua maior aventura e o sonho da tua vida…(dar a volta ao mundo). Quero que saibas que te desejo a maior das felicidades, pois acho que devem haver poucas pessoas capazes de concretizar os seus sonhos como tu, Força minha grande maluca…Sabes que podes contar sempre comigo!!! Bjs do tamanho do mundo 🙂

  2. Emma Olmi Post author

    Tia Bela, es uma querida. Obrigado por me receberes em tua casa, obrigado por me deixares fazer parte da tua nova vida, obrigado por estares sempre ai para mim, obrigado por nao me julgares, obrigado por me compreenderes, obrigado por me dares forca e coragem para imensas coisas – desde cantar e dancar a viajar pelo mundo, mas mais do que isso, obrigado por teres sido a “irma” mais velha que nunca tive.
    Adoro-te, e tu tb podes sempre contar comigo para o que precisares xoxoxoloads of love <3


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