Day 10 – The TRUTH about Iran!

Bombs bombs bombs everywhere, terrorism, genocide, women with absolutely no rights and badly beaten, nuclear guns, everyone is a goat herder and/or terrorist, backward country with people who need to be “liberated”, America haters, spies, danger, a lot of danger, a lot of lot of lot of danger.

Iran is extremely dangerous. Is so dangerous that if you manage to ever get there, you probably will never return as you will get killed or kidnaped!!!!!

Iran - So ugly....

Iran – So ugly….



Well, at least is what many many of my friends, family , followers and acquaintances have told me when I made the big announcement that I was traveling to Iran.

Is not like they ever been there, after all they are still alive. But because they know I don’t have that box at home (or a home at all), so they wanted to warn me. I appreciate their concerns. But you see, this box, usually called TV, really does put people in a box by feeding them lies after lies. Same for the “news” that have been created mostly to control and brainwash society. Sadly, it blinds most people as they truly believe in it, I mean, if the TV says so, it must be true, right?

Gladly some are aware that are being manipulated and are happy to cultivate their minds and learn. So this post is for that people, people that are actually interested in opening their minds and know the TRUTH.


Iran perception

Iran perception

 Interesting enough I was having a quick exchange of thoughts with this Social Media expert a couple of days ago and his answer about Iran was:

I know I think of bombs first thing. “Ignorance I know”. I can’t even really think of anything else. Power of Media for real. I will educate myself. “

Perfect example. But he knows he is being manipulated, and you know why? Because he is a traveler and has experienced the same sort of prejudice and judgement about certain countries and by being there he realize that what the media pictures isn’t necessarily true.

Because to travel is to evolve!


So I have been traveling alone since I was 19 and never had so many people worried about me and my safety like I had when I announced the world I was going to visit Iran.


The usual, “Have fun” , “I am jealous”, “Proud of you” – were in fact replaced by “Please be careful”, “Why are you doing this to yourself?”, “I feel sorry for your mum”, “Please don’t go”!!!


But you were right. Iran is so dangerous.

Dangerous Iran

Dangerous Iran

It’s so dangerous, that people keep kidnaping me to their houses and feed me with wonderful food, specially prepared for this fussy vegetarian.

They kept stoping me on the street to take pictures with me and ask me all sort of questions about my country and life – how rude is that?

Taxi drivers instead of trying to charge me more – like everywhere in the world, actually would often end up giving me free rides and even take me to their houses or invite me for a free guided tour. Befriended most of them all.

And lets not forget those that would invite me to their shops but instead of trying to convince me to buy their products in fact would offer them to me. Happened twice.

Friends of friends would drive me at 8am in the morning on a bank holiday, to then wait with me until 11am for a train in the middle of nowhere just because its the right to thing to do as he kept saying.

And if I ever felt lost, no problem, there would always be a spy “following me” and just like an angel he would direct me and walk with me to the right direction just for then disappear as fast as he appeared without even waiting for a thank you.

Oh, and should I mention that the all time I was there I pretty much had most of my meals for free as I was invited to peoples houses, and didn’t pay for accommodation not even once – they saw me as a guest and they treat their guest better than any other country I ever visited, oh and I have been in a few, so I would like to believe I have some experience 😉


So if you actually want to learn out more about this dangerous country, please watch my video where I hope I can change your perception:


Also, would like to dedicate this post to all the wonderful and amazing people I met in Iran and took care of me. You guys are just the best and I have all the love and respect for you. Truly appreciate you and your wonderful country. Looking very much forward to go back as soon as possible.

Much love to all Iranian people out there <3


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7 thoughts on “Day 10 – The TRUTH about Iran!

  1. Becky Bell

    Yes expose the truth… With so much media manipulation this needs to be heard.
    Yes, beautiful open and warm people, it always fascinates me the less material people have, they have so such love and Humiloty in their hearts, with a door open welcoming another as an extension of their family.
    Thankfully I don’t read the news and this is defiantly my kind of reading- keep spreading the love & joy

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind and warm words. If only more people in the world was like you and ditched the news and concentrate on the positive and truthful information….
      But yes, its an incredible country and I will keep spreading the truth 😀

      Much love and see you SOON 😀 ahhh too excited 😀

  2. shaun

    well done, thank you for telling the truth. I admire you so much for always being real and dont let the media or anything controlling you. You know we all love you and are so proud of you.

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      Thank you so much for your always nice words Shaun. I appreciate you. Much love from Bali xxx

  3. Kevin

    Excellent information. no surprises as to the friendliness of the people. I met a lot of Persians years ago in London and formed my own opinion of them which was nothing like the reports you hear from the professional media moguls.
    I wish Iran good luck in opening back up to the west, I want to visit some day when I get my act together….

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      Hi Kevin,
      so nice to hear from you. Its been years!!!!!!
      Yes, the people are incredible and the country is stunning, hope you can visit someday. Much love from Bali. xxx
      p.s are you still in Africa?


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