Day 13 – Always in Search for Something Better.


I feel like I am always in this constant search for something better. All the time.

I love being footloose and free and always had a hard time in creating roots…

When I decided that I would be in Bali for a while (min of 2 months) the first thing I thought was: “YAY, I will rent an apartment and create roots for a tiny little while”.

See? I had good intentions! That was the original plan. The though of actually taking everything out of my luggage and have it on display for more than a few days, was extremely exciting.

Bare in mind that for the last 2 years, the longest I spent in the same place was 4 weeks in Portugal, when I went visit my family, but even there, I kept traveling and staying with friends and family all over the country.

Creating roots - HA, not really!

Creating roots – HA, not really!


Now, its been 17 days since I arrived in Bali and I am already on my 4 th apartment – and about to change again in a few days.

So I often wonder if there’s something wrong with me. Why this desire to be a nomad even when I can create roots somewhere for a little while?

I tried to convince myself that the reason I am always moving here in Bali is so I can get to know different areas in the island and get to know new people, but I am afraid there’s more behind it. I feel like I am never satisfied! I am always on the search for something better… And this is applicable to way more stuff than a place to stay in Bali.

Now, do you feel like that? Any other people out there that can relate to me?

Most people want roots. Want to be settled… on other hand, I just like to run free and change things all the time.

Thing is, I think that is starting to bother me. Maybe I need a change? Maybe this transformation I am going through could be an answer. Looking forward to my mastermind in 14 days – and the transformation that will come with it.

Check out my vlog to hear from me on my struggle to create roots and see my new pad!!!!

Much love from Bali


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