Day 16 – 3,000 on the 666 – Thank You

First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Yesterday, I was roughly 100 followers away to reach 3,000 likes on Footprints in The Clouds, my Facebook Page!

And after ask you to help share my footprints, you guys delivered and shared some love. I appreciate you for that. We are now over 3,000 people creating and following footprints in the clouds, my heart is full and send you love back to you.


Also, today is the day 666 since I have been on the road. It is incredible how time flies. Not really into numerology but funny coincidence I guess? Hahaha.

Day 666 on the Road

Day 666 on the Road



A few years ago, I was talking with Bia, one of my little sisters, about potentially do this trip, and she told me:

When I think of you, I have this vivid image in my mind… all of us on the beach, and you carefully following mums footsteps in the sand, while me and lil sis go and try to follow yours. But I always think of you flying, flying high, but not with wings or on a plane or anything. It is like you belong to the whole world and you are always everywhere and achieving the highest places you have dreamt of… you do fly, and bring people with you on your dreams, so this trip is just an image of who you are! You should definitely go for it”

Those words really touched me so I decide if I would go through this life long dream of traveling the world, I would want to have it all documented, so that way I could potentially inspire people to do those things they have always dreamed of, plus I could share all the situations and people that have inspired me.

And so the idea of my blog and Facebook page was born – and so was the name. Thanks Bia.

See, thing is, when I decided to create my blog and my Facebook page, I wanted it to be that space where I share with the world what makes my heart race, what makes me tick!

It’s like I was carefully designing my private museum or decorating my living room where I invite people in so they can have a quick access to what my life and travels are on a simple click.

I share my adventures, put some stories together, add some videos, obviously photos, maps etc, and join a bit of motivational ingredients and voila – I can then open my personal book/diary and let the visitors in, let them be inspired, enlighten or entertained by my tales and explorations, and by doing this, I hope to have all these people (friends, family, acquaintances, strangers) traveling with me =)

My ultimate life’s goal is to leave my mark… and have several plans to help me leave a big and positive footprint… ultimately, I want to be able to help others overcoming their insecurities and following their dreams.

So today, when I woke I had a beautiful message that someone I love very much but haven’t been in touch with for a while wrote me. That person is from Central America, and is now for the first time in Europe and this is a tiny sneak peek of what he told me:

This makes it all worth it.

This makes it all worth it.

This means so much to me, to receive this sort of messages that are becoming more and more frequent. It makes it all worth it. Because, you see, this journey, is not just about me. It is about everyone that crosses path with me, on the road, or on the clouds.

And here is my personal message for you all.

Much love and thank you so much.


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