Day 20 – Internet on a Round The World Trip: YAY or NAY

So this is a topic that comes up quite often between travellers.

And I believe you would be surprise on how some people are so against the use of internet while on the road, both long time and short time travellers.

After spending a few hours yesterday trying to have decent internet while in the middle of the most beautiful mountains in Bali, made me think and rethink about my approach on internet.

I personally find it essential. After all, I work online, so without internet I cannot work and as they say – No Money No Honey – so it is a necessity for me. In fact, one of the first things I check about a country I am considering visiting, is how the internet connection is available and reliable!!!

But apart from the obvious for me, there are many more reasons why internet is essential during my trip:

  • General travel planning – From finding info on countries like VISA, security, etc, to online booking (flights, accommodation, etc), check online reviews (hotels, restaurants, tours, adventures activities, …).
  • Navigating – How can we survive without maps and GPS? There’s no turning back, once you find how easier it makes your life, you will never stop using it – specially while traveling and find yourself lost in some Chinese small road.
  • Online Banking – Being on the road for extended periods of time, I have to be able to access my bank account and the only way I can really do it is online. To be able to manage my accounts, my money, credit cards etc, it surely becomes a must.
  • Stay in Touch – Probably the most important reason to me, not only to stay in touch with family and friends, but to share my journey with them and feel like they are part of it. Uploading pics, videos and telling stories are a big part of my journey and I am glad it is. And let’s not forget about the magic Skype, FaceTime and Whatstapp. 
Me without Internet for a day

Me without Internet for a day


However, I do kinda get those that are so negative about it.

Last night, while at my beautiful hotel, surrounded by the most magnificent mountains and with the most star studded sky I have ever seen, I was weighting the fact of being without connection – and apart that I really wanted to keep my challenge of blooging/vlogging for 24 days in a row – Bali Mastermind Challenge, I was so happy to be disconnected.

By the way, you gotta check it out, this is where we were staying:


Without internet on the road, the trip would be extra adventurous within the adventure because lets be real, you wouldn’t know what was going to happen most of the time and you would probably have more real interactions as you would be more connected with the real world.

But for now I will keep chasing good internet, at least until the challenge is over, after that I might challenge myself to try life without wifi and 3G connection.

Have a wonderful Sunday,


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