Day 22 – Ubud: the Spiritual Mecca

If you have read or watch the Hollywood adaption of “Eat, Pray, Love” you would know about Ubud. In fact, it is difficult to think about Ubud without considering the enormous success of Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love.

But there’s more to Ubud than spirituality, rice paddies and fortune telling medicine men.
Ubud is Bali’s Cultural Heart and holds the top place of relaxation.

Since my first visit to Ubud in 2011, that I have considered this little town the Spiritual Mecca. And seems like I wasn’t the only one. The entire Bali is amazing, but Ubud has something extra special. There’s this uniqueness that surrounds every corner of this little town – there’s only 2 main roads.

However, I cannot help but acknowledge that things have changed a lot since my first visit only 4 years ago.

Yes, it is full of expensive yoga studios, expats, souvenir shops, and now you can see more tourists than locals.
And I am not even going to comment on the prices because those have sky rocketed and escalated in an unprecedented way.

But the magic is still here. From the endless fields of rice terraces to temples to the maze of little streets, this town hasn’t lost its “pearl” status.

One of many rice terraces around Ubud

One of many rice terraces around Ubud

Love the fact that everywhere are artists painting, organic cafes to get a bite, singers jamming, and colourful shops with friendly owners asking you to bargaining.

Locals are incredible. Even taxi drivers are nice. People are lovely and the culture is so accepting. And there is a aura of calm that surrounds the entire place. I think its impossible not to fall in love with this place. I could even see myself living here and thats a big statement.

But as I say, If theres a place in the World where you can escape and connect with your inner self, that place has to be Ubud. From the guided meditations, SPA and magical massages, yoga, vegan food everywhere to the lush green nature, Ubud really is the perfect place to disconnect from the World and reconnect with yourself.

Check my little piece of Ubud Paradise

Much love from Ubud,

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