Day 23 – The Final Post.

Of the Challenge – ahhhhhh got you worried didn’t I?

So, for those that have been following Footprints in The Clouds for the last 23 days, know that I have been put up for a challenge by Rhonda Swan, one of my wonderful mentors, where basically we committed to blog and video blogging daily for 23 days in a row.

So today, its day 23, so the last day of the Challenge.

Check my message here 😀

I am very proud I committed to this and was able to deliver what I promised to my family, friends and followers, that I would be blogging and writing more frequently.

By accepting this challenge, I had to stop giving excuses to myself for not to do it, like I have for the last 2 years. I embraced it and follow through. And by doing it I have learned a few things in the process.

Now, the challenge was also a competition.
In 4 days, The Mastermind of the Year will start, and for almost a week, I will be surrounded by some of the most inspiring people and some of my biggest mentors and leaders, and I cannot even explain how excited I am. I know my life will change during this Mastermind as it is all about Transformation, and to become a better person at all levels, is one of my biggest goals in life!!!

Apart from loving challenges and being dedicated to whatever I commit too, trust me, there’s another very good reason why I sticked to this competition.
I will soon announce exactly what it is, but I will give you a tip 😉

Let's be Unstoppable

Let’s be Unstoppable

Much love and thank you to all of you that have been following My Footprints! You guys rock and I love to have you in the Clouds with me.


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