Day 4 – Do not listen to your Friends and Family


…. when pursuing goals!


Family and Friends are extremely important. I love mine dearly. They are great and can be a good support, and while they generally have our best interests in mind, they are also biased and selfish.

I know I am a bit different and people have consider me weird since I was a kid, and it’s ok. Proud of my weirdness. The thing is, I often make decisions that are not “the norm” and choose paths that most people don’t and that obviously scares the ones that love you.

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

I personally love taking risks, I trust my inner self. Plus, I do follow my dreams and I don’t let anyone influence me negatively. Some of the most wonderful things I ever done, which I am extremely proud of, were really criticised by my family and friends.

Let me share some with you:


  • Move to another country – UK

When I decide to move to London, you have no idea of how much I struggle to have my family and friends approval. They didn’t want me to go and tried everything to convince me to stay, but I was not having any of it. My heart was screaming and I knew exactly what I had to do – after all it was one of my biggest dreams and I am so glad I listen to my inner self because moving to London was by far one of the most if not the most important decision I have made in my life.


  • Being the eternal bachelorette

I usually do not share my private life, but will make a small exception. I have been single for many years – personal choice. Why? Because I would never settle down for less. I know what I want and not willing to jeopardize my only life with some idiot. Plus marriage and kids were not a priority for me as I have many other things I wanted to do first. But do you have any idea of the pressure I feel from family and some friends?

“Why don’t you just settle down and find someone?” ; “You should be married by now!” ; “Why you still don’t have a boyfriend?”, “Don’t you want children?” , “You are getting older” , “are you lesbian and don’t want to tell us?” “With your age I was on my third kid” etc etc, I hear this ALL THE TIME. For years.

Do you really think I should be with someone just because my family and friends want??? Suck that. I just ignore every single stupid question because I know what I want. It is MY life.

Sadly, many people cannot handle the pressure and just end up with the first moron that comes along… and then you wonder why there’s so many divorces….


  • Becoming Vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian was a funny one. I mean, I was shocked with the negative reaction of many of familiars and friends. In fact, I was often attacked (with words) by the ones that love me.

They would say ridiculous stuff all the time… and that really upset me and you know why?

Because I shouldn’t need to prove that I am an intelligent person that is capable to make a deliberate decision. If I decided I do want to participate in the cruelty that is eating animals, people should leave me alone. Instead I hear the “we are designated to eat meat”, “where do you get your protein, you going to get sick”, “you are strange” bla bla. I mean, this does not even affect them, but they still try to convince me to go back to “normality”! Well, instead, I can’t wait to become officially vegan, and raw vegan if possible. Suck that my friends =)


  • Quitting my job

Quitting my job was a biggie! Most family and friends begged me not to do it. But I just had to look into their eyes and smile. My heart and brain knew exactly what they were doing. It is my life and quitting my job and go and follow my dream was one of the best things I ever did and if I would go back in time 928364284 times I would do it again… the 928364284 times!!!! =)


  • Travel the world

“Are you running away?” , “The world is unsafe, you shouldn’t go”, “You are a woman and you are alone, you should not travel by yourself”, “Come back home” It has been almost 2 years and I still hear this pretty much everyday. Do you know what I do? I don’t even listen anymore ahahhaha It is frustrating when you “have” to explain your dreams and justify them. It is my life. And I will travel or do whatever I want whether you want or not. But I do understand they are just worried for me and want me close by, but nothing will stop me traveling the world.


  • Embrace a “different” work opportunity

Because I don’t want to stop traveling plus I don’t want to work for someone else’s dreams, it is kinda natural that I became a entrepreneur, following my parents steps. See, my parents never had a boss in their entire life. And thats how I grow up. However, when I moved to London, I had no choice but to look for a job. And I did it. I did all that I was supposed to do. Got in the rat race, corporate world, climb the ladder and you know what? Professionally, I was flying. Business was in my blood apparently. But all that time I was working mainly for someone else dreams. Yes, surely I could save enough to live mine too (for a little while), however it was an illusion, because as the time went by, I had to work more and harder, more responsibilities, more stress, less and less time… So whats the point to have some money if you don’t have time to spend it and enjoy it? I promised to myself that next time I work it will be for me. I will be my own boss and will create my legacy.

Now, I am not an idiot and I pride myself of how correct I am. Actually, the favourite thing about me, has always been my morals and values. I am a very ethical person. Now, close to a year ago I embraced an astounding opportunity, however I tried to keep it low key, I sadly knew how my judgemental friends and family would react, and guess what? I was right. “Why don’t you get a real job?”, “What kind of business is that? Internet work is not work”, “Thats all schemes and pyramids” etc etc … what can I say? What can I do? I understand family and friends don’t want to see you get hurt and they will discourage you from taking on any risks. But once again, they shouldn’t forget the person I am. And they should leave me alone, because clearly I know what I have been doing. And it is kinda sad that I feel like I need to keep reminding them. But when you are brainwashed by the society that we live in, you become closed minded. As for me, I will keep the TV off… 😉


Proud to say that never felt like I truly failed in life. Whatever I want, I go and get it. With strength, and dignity. And no friend or family will ever stop me, because if my heart and my brain are telling me to go or to do it, guess what? I totally will.


Check my video for today:


Small note: I am obviously speaking of my personal experience. I am not saying that all families and friends in the world will be doing the same. But I still stand that you should follow your heart.


Much love,



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6 thoughts on “Day 4 – Do not listen to your Friends and Family

  1. Ameli

    Wow, Emma you are a very strong woman! I love how you know what it is that you want. People are very scared to take responsibility for what it is that they want, they hold themselves back based on assumptions of what others opinions might be. You go girl!

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      Thank you very much Ameli. At the end of the day we just have one life right? I will stand strong to do what my heart tells me to =)
      Much love and see you soon 😀 xxx

  2. Diane

    You go girl!!! I have been single now (but divorced) and its MY choice, but people still discriminate against you for not having a partner… thats their perception of what is best for me, but NOT mine. A majority of the human race has a problem with those of us that choose to follow our dreams. Safe travels.

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      Thanks Diane, and I completely get it and agree! At the end of the day, we know that what we are doing =)
      Big hugs and see you sooooooon 😀

  3. Brian Dickson

    Powerful post, Emma! The biggest obstacles you will overcome will lead to the greatest achievement. Never lose sight of YOUR vision. It’s YOURS and nobody else’s. People will always try to bring you down when when they are too afraid to believe in what’s possible for themselves when they see others stepping into their power and about to have a breakthrough. When you’re on your true path living within that higher power, you will realize there is no such thing as fact, there is only opinion. And those vibrating at a lower level then you will ALWAYS have an opinion. Love you & appreciate you, Emma! So proud of how far you have come on this journey… Now let’s show those who don’t believe right now what’s truly possible <3


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