Day 5 – Surround yourself with positive people and get a HONY fix.

One of my favourite things on internet is by far HONY, or Humans of New York. I have been following that wonderful page for a few years now and somehow, it always manages to restore my faith in humanity. Looks like only nice and kind people follow it, so I hope you like it too. humansofnewyork

For those that don’t know, Brandon Stanton, is the photographer and brain behind the page. He walks the streets of NYC, taking pictures of their inhabitants and then shares them with a small snippet of their life stories on the famous HONY Facebook Page. He is currently in Pakistan on his annual UN mission where he tries to bring awareness to some serious and real problems around the world, at the same time showing us, that even tho worlds apart, we are all so similar and have similar goals. But unlike in the Western World, they have much more dire circumstances to handle. It’s amazing what these people go through and its even more amazing how they persevere with positive attitudes. It really helps put your problems into perspective.

Humble but sweet and happy little girl - Laos

Humble but sweet and happy little girl – Laos

Since I started solo traveling in my early 20s, the biggest realization I had through the years, was understanding how lucky and blessed I am. Just because I was born in a certain side of the world. That alone made me way luckier than most of the world population. In the last 5 years I have been traveling mainly Asia and Africa and can completely relate and understand the incredible international stories on HONY (also, I am aware that terrible things also happen stateside and any part of the western world too, not disregarding, but it is different, trust me).

But what is special about HONY is the community itself. The incredible support and care that people worldwide have for each other. It is the first time I have seen an online community that turned human connections a priority.

It might sound a bit sad, but when I am down or frustrated, I go to HONY and after reading the supportive comments of the millions of users, I get my faith in humanity restored. It is a bit of a fix to me, and always works!

On other hand, most times I speak with people “back home” they will be complaining about their huge problems, you know, that the pizza guy is very late and how hungry they are; how it was raining and they had the clothes drying outside and now have to do a whole new wash…. Once a friend of mine got so upset, because he forgot to record some shitty reality show he watches religiously. And I am not even gonna comment on the friend that was depressed because couldn’t afford a new car and its car is like 5 years old already and “not cool enough” – real stories.

Crazy, Happy and Positive People - one of the best nights ever

Crazy, Happy and Positive People – one of the best nights ever

Have you tried to surround yourself only with happy, positive and successful people? It is not easy because sadly they are kinda rare, I admit, but try, and then tell me the difference.

Stick around people that you look upto, people that has personality treats that you want to have too, and eventually, you will see that makes wonders.



Here’s my video for today:


Love from magic Bali,


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3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Surround yourself with positive people and get a HONY fix.

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      Thanks Shaun.
      Hummm I dont know, London maybe next year. Or are you going to be in NYC? Will go next year too ahaha but I dont know, dont want to plan much xxx

  1. Tina Miranda

    Toda a vida fui positiva e te ensinei a ser positiva! Negativo nao nos leva a lado nenhum, muito menos pessoas negativas.


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