Dreamers Around the World (DATW)

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Dream, dreamer, dreaming...

What is a dream?
“A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal” according to Oxford dictionary.

All my life I’ve heard, “you are such a dreamer”.  I think for a long time I was too naive or innocent to realize that there was some prejudice and negativity in those comments! I mean, being a dreamer cannot be a bad thing right?  At least I didn’t think it was.  I am the daughter of a couple that used to put pictures of cars, houses, holidays and other stuff on the fridge.  My dad used to say “if you keep reminding yourself of your dreams and keep seeing them all the time you will fight harder to achieve them.”  And so it was, I had my recipe for success; to look at my dreams everyday.

My biggest dream has always been traveling the world.


Dreams everywhere... thanks dad

Dreams everywhere… thanks dad

My walls were always adorned with maps; globes illuminated my room instead of lamps.  It was far more likely for you to find National Geographic than Cosmo on my desk, and my bookshelves overflowed with guidebooks not novels.  It’s been six months since I began fulfilling my life’s greatest dream and looking back, I can’t help but think my father’s advice has a great deal to do with it.

“If you keep seeing it, it will be easier to achieve because you will be hungrier.”

Thanks Dad!


Last week, when I somewhat spontaneously decided to walk into a tattoo shop while in Shanghai, China, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  Celebrate the accomplishment of my dream by getting the kind of souvenir that will be a part of me forever, represent this amazing journey, and be a constant reminder to follow my dreams!

My DREAM tattoo

My DREAM tattoo

So for those of you who have been asking me what tattoo I got, here it is: the Chinese character for DREAM! Done in China, by a Chinese artist that didn’t really speak English (however he was wearing a Lady Gaga sort of gothic T-shirt so I couldn’t help liking him or knowing I would be just fine hahaha)!

For awhile I have been working on a personal project that means a lot to me, because it’s about dreams!  One of the reasons I felt so much in love with London is that I’m invigorated by people, cultures, and diversity.  Traveling around the world has afforded me the opportunity to interact with an even more eclectic mix of people from all over, and I absolutely love spending time with them, getting to know them and asking them some questions about themselves, their lives, their aspirations, and their dreams.


And you know what is absolutely beautiful???

Is that independent of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, colour, culture, age, economic status, etc, we are all so similar. 🙂


So welcome to my new project where I’ll be posting pictures of people I have met during this RTW trip, from locals, to expats, to other travelers. These are people I had a good time with and had the chance to get to know better.  People I’d like you to get know as well.  People who’s dreams I believe are worth sharing. 😉

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


Click to access the launch of DATW
Dreamers Around The World

Dreamers Around The World – DATW



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7 thoughts on “Dreamers Around the World (DATW)

  1. Emily Andrews

    This is such a great idea! A dream collection from all over the world! I’m curious to see and read about people’s dreams 🙂
    And I love your tattoo, well done on following your dreams, your dad must be proud of you! Keep following your heart (and your dreams) xx

  2. Rafaela

    I love the idea and how original it is…You are an inspiration! Well done for following your dreams as always… xxx

  3. Mamã

    Sonhar é bom e quando se tornam realidade melhor ainda.
    Essa tatuagem vai estar sempre presente para te relembrar que nunca deves parar de sonhar.


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