Ems and Ren introduce FITC 1st Q&A

One of the best things about having an address (or should I say a home???)  is that people feel more tempted to visit you.

I been fortunate enough to have several friends visiting me while on the road these past 2 years, but since I have been in Bali, the numbers went high and so far I had 7 good friends of mine coming to stay over and explore the island with me. One of those friends is Ren.

Ren & Ems

Ren and Ems

Now let me tell you, Ren is in fact Emma’s male version. He is my twin brother – from different parents; and not many people in the world knows me like he does. We do fight all the time but we do love and respect each other – a very rare sort of friendship – I can tell.

Having Renato around was amazing and we had a blast.

So while here in Bali, and after updating each other on the news and gossips and after a fair amount of touristic activities, we discuss Footprints in the Clouds and which level should I take it to next.

Funnily enough we always joked that we have passed a great career as a You Tube sensation. We used to talk about having our YouTube Channel like 10 years ago and now we regret never give it a chance lol.

After I mentioning that I had people emailing and asking me all sort of questions all the time, we decided to do the first official Q&A and here is the result:



Hope you enjoy and hopefully next time I will answer your questions too!

Much love and thank you all for the support.


L.O.V.E.  from Bali,

Emma and Ren


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2 thoughts on “Ems and Ren introduce FITC 1st Q&A

  1. Joanie

    Awww I loved that video of you two! Awesome that Ren got to come see your life on the road (well your tamed down version lol). Great video guys and helpful to many!


    1. emmaolmi Post author

      Thank you dear Joanie!!! It was indeed fun to have Ren over.
      And we need to have our own Q&A next time we travel together.
      Much love and kisses <3


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