Helllllooooooo Malaysia


I left India cursing myself after I realise I really did book 3 flights for that same day: Bangalore/KL ; KL/ Kota Kinabalu and KK/Sabah –  what was I thinking, I know…. I am not the superwoman.

So it was almost 2am when I set foot in Malaysia! Arrived to KL and had my next flight to Borneo at 6am so obviously the plan was to stick around the airport for a couple of hours before boarding again, and what amazing couple of hours I had 🙂


Accepted in country

Accepted in country

First, after a smooth touchdown, we quickly were dispatched through the airport, and in less than 15min I was out the customs with my 90 day Malaysian VISA in my hand waiting for my luggage.

After spending almost 2 months “fighting” through so much bureaucracies to have an Indian VISA and spending literally a fortune on it, to get a 90 day stamp literally in seconds was so refreshing. Specially as it was free!!!

After getting my luggage I just found an ATM, and literally could take the amount I wanted (in India there was a limit of £100, which is not good because as often you take money out, as more taxes you pay.)

I have walked out of the ATM with money on my pocket, to be greeted by 3 little shops selling SIM cards, and in less than 5 min I have managed to negotiate between the 3 shops to choose the best deal/internet capacity and without any fuss, I had an Malaysian number and unlimited internet on my phone (don’t forget it was 2am). Now bear in mind that while I was in India, the process of getting a SIM card went like this:

day 1 – after giving my passport and filling a bunch of forms and bureaucracy work, I paid for a card that wouldn’t fit my phone – and yes, I did explaining 258462 times I needed a NANO card and not a micro , so after 3 SIM Cards it finally fitted. The gentleman from the store said it would take roughly 6h for the card to be accepted and activated. Weird I tough but fine…

day 2 – the phone still didn’t recognise the card, went to the store and complain – 4 times 🙂

day 3 – the card was finally activated – could call but internet didn’t work

day 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 – me complaining to India Vodafone everyday – several times a day – a lot of verbal fight involved. Finish my credit (or maybe they cut it as a revenge?)

day 10 – I had internet 🙂

Then, just after checking my perfectly fast internet connection, I walked a couple of steps to find a beautiful big store full of exotic items (exotic here means “homey” products…) and for one second I thought “would be lovely if I could find here Port wine so I could offer my good friend Emma’s father for Christmas as I am spending the holiday with them”, and guess what I found? yep, a beautiful old Port Wine bottle which would be the perfect present as its felt like would be a present I would offer if I was at home. Another WIN!

The green happiness

The green happiness

But it just got better, because as soon as I walked out of the duty-free store, I saw 2 of my biggest western guilty pleasure, yes ladies and gentlemen, I saw the beautiful green Starbucks sign and the beautiful green Body Shop’s sign. And what a view… my eyes were smiling hours later. The whole thing might sound very sad but the true is that those were brands/products I would see and consume everyday and after a few months without a proper hot chocolate and using the tiniest amount possible of my gorgeous smell and creamy Body Shop products, I was ecstatic to see such products again.


And ALL that happen in the first 40min in country.  So refreshing.

That was a sign, I knew I would love Malaysia. It was like I was back to civilisation, so what else could I expect?


Well, stay tune to know what happens on “the next episodes” 🙂


Much love,


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2 thoughts on “Helllllooooooo Malaysia

  1. Niels Knudsen

    The Port was fantastic with our Xmas luncheon and added a new flavour to our table. Thanks Emma. Have a safe journey

    1. Emma Olmi Post author

      Dear Niels, I am the one very thankful to you and your wonderful family for saving my Christmas. Had the loveliest time and it was such an honour to finally meet you. Next post will be dedicated to you and your family xxxx thank you thank you :)))


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