It is all because of the DREAM

Through my whole life, I have been labeled all sort of things. Some more pleasant than others. Since I was quite young that I was called adventurous, fearless and unstoppable. And if you have been following my journey for the last years, you know that is all true, still.

I have always been a dreamer. But other kids and even adults would tell me frequently how I was delusional, lived in a fantasy world and how out of touch I was and that I should stop daydreaming.

Glad to inform I didn’t listen to them and instead, I turn all that negativity into fuel to help me achieve my dreams even faster.

Recently I was at a High School reunion that I organized, and at some point at the end, perhaps one of the shyest colleagues, stand up and thanked me for organizing the meeting and then she apologized for not believing in me when we were kids. Several other colleagues joined in and told me how proud they were of me and how I am seen as a sort of rockstar in our town and how often they speak about me and my adventures – well, to be frank, I am from a really small town where nothing happens really, but still…
That episode was definitely a highlight of my adult life… to see all those kids that used to bully me and make fun of me, now as adults, actually congratulating me and even apologizing and letting me know how delighted they were that I have been reaching my goals and all those dreams I told I would since I was a little kid: “One day I will be a singer; one day I will live in London and meet the Spice Girls; one day I will have a very successful career; one day I will travel and explore the world for years etc etc” – “yeah yea, sure sure Emma, you will…” they would laugh! Not anymore =)

Who’s laughing now? =)

So yeah, I understand the importance of dreaming, so I am happy to see myself as a dreamer and as an achiever.

But when many of you keep on reminding me how lucky I am, what you don’t know is how I have been spending my entire life engineering and developing a formula on how to turn my dreams into reality which I have been successful at.

While growing up, my parents were entrepreneurs and my dad was often a motivational speaker for big crowds. So I grew up not only attending congresses, seminars and conferences where dad was the keynote speaker, but also reading Zig Ziglar and listening to personal growth & self-help tapes in the family car. Even tho I just wanted to listen to music now I am grateful for the foundation I was given since I was a child.

When I got to university, I naturally end up studying psychology and education which I have always been passionate about. Mindset, thought & mental processes or anything to do with the science of the mind has always been one of my favourite subjects as it intrigues me and challenges me.

Three days after graduating from a 5-year degree, I moved to London with only 200 euro in my pockets. That’s when “real life” began – I was committed to grow my human potential and develop as an individual, and all the struggles I encountered made me stronger and more resilient.

Later on, I ended up entering the corporate world, where I wanted to test my high performance and leadership skills as well as accomplish several personal goals, including financial ones.

Once I proved myself in several areas of my life, it was time to achieve one of my biggest dreams: to travel the world at my own pace.
And as you have been following, for 3 years, I have explored, discovered and collected wonderful moments, life knowledge and experiences that nobody will be able to take away from me.

So do not let anyone tell you that you are delusional and that you shouldn’t dream. Because dreams are meant to come true <3

Much love from Bali,

Emma, the dreamer

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