Kiwi Land will be it!

Hello everybody,

Can’t hardly believe that in a few days I will be celebrating 2,5 years of exploration, adventures, troubles, mischief, lessons etc, on the road.

This trip has been, without a doubt, one of my biggest achievements and I am excited and sad at the same time, that is now coming to an end – yep, I will stop traveling (for the time being)…

Most people can’t even imagine how exhausting this experience can be. Yes, it is very rewarding at so many levels but moving every couple of days wears you out in a way I have never experienced before. I honestly feel I could sleep for a month straight.

The main reason I know I have to stop, is because at the moment I am too numb to new experiences. I have stopped appreciating it… all of it, the sunsets, the beautiful beaches, the waterfalls, the travel itself. It got to the point that is “just” another nice beach…



“Walking on the Water”

On top of that I am too home sick and I really miss my family and friends. Also, miss sleeping in the same bed for more than 3 days. The idea of sleeping in my old bed and having my clothes on a wardrobe and be able to use my perfumes, truly excites me more than any paradisiac beach – HAHA judge me when you spend 2.5 years traveling…

So this will be it. In a few days I will be flying to New Zealand where I will be spending a little over than a month before flying to Europe. And I cannot wait.

2 important things:

  • What should I do/see in NZ – and is anyone out there that want to take me for a ride and a hot drink?


  • Who wants to come and visit me in Portugal at my parents place? I will be spending the Summer in Portugal – before I decide whats next, so would be very happy if you travel to me =D


Still have million of things to share with you, which I will.

Much love from sunny Australia,


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