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emmaolmi   April 14, 2017   1 Comment on Next Adventure

People ask me all the time if I stopped traveling!!!

I find it weird when I get that question … is like someone asking me if I stopped breathing!

Thing is, travelling is part of who I am! I will always travel but that doesn’t mean necessary to be around the world non stop for over 3 years staying 2 to 4 nights per place, or a bit longer if I am lucky…  AGAIN!

You see, I often ask myself how did I do it!? How did I manage to stay such a long time on the road? Answer is, I am not even sure!!!

While doing it wasn’t bad! Don’t get me wrong! But was a lifestyle! It required a lot of skills, specially when it comes to logistic  and I personally added a lot of spontaneity to the equation! But was draining! Very.

It was the 3 best years of my life in so many ways! I have learn so much and became more awake and aware of the world we live in!

However, I needed to stop! I wanted to stop! The level of energy you need to live such an adventure is unmeasurable! And while in Oceania I stop appreciating it all together! Not because it wasn’t amazing because it truly was, but was 3 years running from city to town and from country to continent.

Just because I am not traveling non stopping doesn’t mean I am not gonna travel again! In fact since I have returned to Europe, I have traveled every single month!

But I no longer want to travel non stopping! Now is time to settle down and sleep in the same bed for more than 3 nights! Because that’s what I want!

So after a short trip to Romania, and a couple of super busy weeks with friends coming to visit from all over the world (one of the biggest benefits of living in London, eventually everyone comes to visit you) I am now about to finish packing to my next adventure!!!!

Can you guess where I am going? :p

Can you guess where I am going? :p

Not gonna tell you where I am going 😀 but can tell you it will be a long flight and it’s super hot in my destination (obviously)!!!

Follow my Facebook page and you will be finding live updates!

I am so excited and yeah… it’s pass 2am and I haven’t finished packing…! Flight is at 7am so guess I am not gonna sleep tonight =)

Much love,


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