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October. It has been a special month for a long time now. 

It has been a month of beginnings. New starts. Synonymous with adventure and white canvas.  

October 2006 – 13 years ago I moved to the capital that transformed me into the woman I am today, London. The wonderful city that I have always secretly called and felt at home. 

October 2013 –  6 years ago, I landed in Mumbai, to start what ended up being a 3-year worldwide adventure around the globe! It is so strange because, for one side, it feels like yesterday, that moment I walk out of the plane to start a new life, on the other hand, it feels like it was a life away as so much has happened after that!!!  

October 2016 – 3 years ago was the special return, I was back to London. Ready for a new season of Emma’s life. And I sort of stayed around …


October is naturally a month of reflection. A month to weigh the pros and cons of my journey called life. London. Earth. Traveling. Staying. Wandering. Creating a nest. So many decisions. So many questions. 

I feel like I am getting close to some big life decisions, and that terrifies me as much as excites me at the same time. 

And while I am writing these words, I am looking at my smiley baby and can’t stop wondering what have I done to deserve such a gift. So one thing I know is that whatever happens next, I have my soulmate next to me wherever I go. 

As for him, I can tell he is super excited to have his first Passport. And I know that this is just the first of many he will have, as surely he will be a little wanderer. 

Bebe and his first passport

To a lifetime of travels and adventures my dear son. 

Can’t wait to see where the World is going to take you. 

As for me, having you is by far the most exciting adventure I ever had. 


Much love,


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