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It’s February. My month.

And it has been a mixed feeling one… 

On the one side, I am having a wonderful time. 

It’s my birthday month and I am usually traveling somewhere hot to run away from the European Winter… But this year, the winter escape would have to wait until next month. Still,  I have decided that even with a baby, I would get some of traveling in and my favorite, quality time with family. So had some highlights:

  • Mummy came from Portugal for a few weeks, and also had my favorite cousin coming to visit from Switzerland as we share the same birthday and it’s becoming a tradition to spend it together in London. Also, my little sister Bela came to visit too.
  • Then traveled to North: York and Scarborough, to visit one of my lil sisters, Bia. Not only did we spend some great quality time, but Bebe also got a massive milestone done, he saw the ocean for the first time. On top of that, both Bia and I would spend our evenings deciding where in the world we would go next month for our holidays: my fav kind of evening, choosing travel destinations. 
  • And then we all traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland, Bebe 3rd country, to visit my other sister, Diana, for her baby shower. It was wonderful to be all together, as the last time the 4 sisters were in the same room was when my son was born a few months ago now. 

Looking at the Ocean for the first time

However, on the other side, there’s a weird feeling in the air… 

The world is changing…  we have a new threat, and this one is an invisible one…!

It feels like we are preparing for some sort of war… ! Perhaps the Word War of our generation. 

And it’s so confusing. I feel like most people are not taking it seriously… but I am already wondering if my trip next month will even happen?!

Uncertainty is the watchword.

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