TGIF, & many Saturdays to come…

So I just got home from work…  like many other Fridays, I have this feeling of exhaustion as its Friday, and its been an extremely busy week, perhaps one of the busiest in the last …. hummmm 30 years?!!!!

But now I am actually starting to realize that this was actually a very different Friday…. today was my last day at work…..

This is really weird, because I have left a few jobs behind in the past but this is quite not the same… before I would leave a company to go to a new one… but I do not want to go to a new company. I love mine. This is just so different from everything I have done before that I am actually starting to have a few issues to connect all the cables in my brain as I just feel so overwelmed…

And I feel like I should share my state of mind and also would like to thank a few people in this post.

So cutting the story short: I have been invited to join Elite a few years ago, and June last year I have finally gave in and join in order to open a new department. From scratch I create a division which I still consider my baby… and I am now leaving my baby behind and its feels so weird. Not that I am feeling a horrible “mother” as I made sure it will be in the best hands but its strange indeed.

After 10 years working for several companies and running like mad on the rat race, I feel in need of a mini retirement so yeah, I have decided to jump out of the race, however, I couldn’t be in a better company. Odd I know!

photo 2

Thank YOU

Now what my department achieved has been extraordinary… but much more than numbers and £$€£$$$$£££ was the connections we created and the people I worked with. I have always been a fan of quality over quantity, and even tho I could have a massive team  working for me as had the budget for that, I have been very picky on who I would like to join my gang, and I did a brilliant job finding the best people to work with, and I couldn’t be any prouder of them.

On top of that, I had management that have always trust me to do the right decisions and gave me the freedom to use my creativity and skills and the result is just so beautiful, so a big thank you for that.

As for my gorgeous team, THANK YOU for being the best and for being the most humble, kind, intelligent and resilient professionals I had the pleasure to work with. So promise to keep it positive and keep growing the garden we have cultivated together. You are my baby and I have also learned with you C&J 🙂    

Love you guys!



As for me now, tomorrow is Saturday, my favourite day of the week… but I feel like everyday will be Saturday from now on, and that leaves a smile on my face <3



P.s the goodbyes have now started….

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