Welcome to my sky, there’s footprints all over the clouds!

Hello You all,

Welcome to Footprints in the Clouds!

So I have an announcement for you:

This might come as a shock to many of you, but after 7 years as a Londoner, I have decided to pack up my London life and jump on a journey starting in India in exactly on month time, October the 15th  (2013), where I will be living my dreams all around the world.


I don’t know how long I am going for or what I am going to end up doing, but I know I want to explore the world and the way people live in it.

I absolutely love my London life, have the best friends people can only dream of, the greatest job and have been living in my dream neighbourhood, however, I need a new challenge. I am truly grateful for everything I have achieved so far in life but I don’t feel satisfied. I need more!


So I have decided to completely transform my whole life and bought a one-way ticket to Mumbai in India.


Benhaddou in Morocco, road trip, 2011

This is the result of being a big dreamer. I grew up believing that if I really want something badly and I worked really hard for it, I will eventually get it. And dreams are made to become real. That’s how I was raised and it’s been the best thing my parents taught me.

I know you might think I am crazy or you might not also get the reasons why I am doing this. The truth is, this life is not for everyone and that’s absolutely fine. You need to be an adventurer. But I am one of these people who actually get bored when I see the same thing every day, never been a fan of monotony. So when I travel and see new things, experience new cultures, smell new fragrances and taste new flavours, I literally feel alive =)

I have always traveled but with a limit, and that has always spoiled it for me as I am not the ticking boxes type of traveler, so this time I will give myself the opportunity to be a slow-paced traveler as there is no time limits and will stay in places until my heart and soul say it’s time to go.

I have decided to create this blog so I could have a sort of platform where you all can have access to what I will be going through. So feel welcome and invited as I will be opening the “door of my living room” to you and everyone that wants to get in! Hopefully my explorations will inspire you to create your own adventures.

Enjoy my footprints in the clouds and can’t wait to start sharing my journey. For now, enjoy my website and feel free to explore more about my trip and what the next weeks will bring on my way. 🙂


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