A new & special travel destination: Motherhood 

THE DREAMER… everyone kept telling me all my life how big I have always dreamed …

From moving abroad by myself to somewhere I didn’t know anyone (when wasn’t really a thing for a solo female), to travel the world for years by myself or just “simply” hanging out with the Spice Girls… But what most people do not know, is that one of my biggest dreams, if not the biggest, was something pretty simple: to be a mother. 

To be able to raise a human being to be the best he could have ever been. To give birth or adopt someone that could create an impact, a positive one, in this world of ours. To leave a legacy in human form and his/her contribution, including his/her family – passing on my genes. That to me is the most perfect stamp and the coolest footprint I could ever leave.

And this month, that has finally happened. I became a mom. I am the mother of a stunning and healthy little boy called Romeo Kai, born a Leo after what we can call, a quite difficult and even unfortunate group of situations that turned into the most perfect result: my biggest dream is now completed – well, at least the beginning of it. Baby is here, now “just” need to raise him to be a kind, compassionate, loving and intelligent individual…

People keep asking me if I feel any different now that I am a mother. And I do, absolutely do, but I feel different in a calm and peaceful way. It’s like I feel complete and mostly, I have found my biggest WHY. I am not going to stop being Emma, no, never, but I am definitely (and proudly) Romeo’s mummy. 

Romeo and his mummy

Just like in the movies, that moment when he was born and I saw him for the first time – very Lion King style – yes, the doctor was just like Rafiki, holding him high, and at that moment, I knew, I knew it all changed and I would do anything for that baby. He simply connected my soul, my body and my heart together, and from that moment on, my life would never be the same.

On top of that, I have been told over and over again that I won the baby lottery … and I am not going to deny that was pretty obvious from day one, especially as soon as I went back to the labor ward where all the other babies were, that Romeo was special. He did not cry (not often or loud at least), he slept A LOT and he was kind and gentle. 13 days later and my baby still hardly cries, he sleeps roughly 20h a day and he is sweet and so very calm. We call him the zen baby.

Now, I can’t stop thinking about the trip I did to Nara in Japan while 5 months pregnant. Since I had a risk pregnancy, I didn’t announce to pretty much anyone I was having a baby, I was too scared of someone jinx or sending bad vibes my way – yeah, there are some bad people out there and this was too precious to mess about. 

But in Japan, I didn’t feel that way. I was happy to scream from the rooftops about how I was pregnant and wanted everyone to know. 

Kansai Nara Treasure Travel was wonderful, they knew the importance of having a trip that was about meditation, wellbeing, and reflection, which is the reason why I chose Japan for such an important trip – the last before becoming a mother, and how much I needed that wellness and preparation. 

While writing about my trip to Nara in previous posts, I did not disclose the important reason why I did such trip, but while there, I have participated in several special ceremonies where head priests and head monks came to bless my pregnancy and unborn child, to have a safe delivery and a good baby. As for my conclusion, did it work? It definitely did. I mean, I couldn’t dream of a better and calmer baby. Definitely blessed and zen-like. So my advice for you, if you ever get pregnant and want a good baby, go to Japan – Nara especially, and soak those good vibes. It worked for me. (I even gave a Japanese middle name to Romeo to honor Japan and its influence on my baby <3 Kai!!!) Hope it works for you too.

But for now, I just want to thank the universe for giving me the greatest gift of all, the gift of being your mother Romeo. You are simply perfect to me and you are by far the best thing that ever happened to my exciting and thrilling life – And all I want is to finish this post so I can go back stalking that pretty face of yours while you sleep as that became my favorite hobby since the day you were born. 

With Love,



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