Around the World in 50 countries – to be continued….



I don’t exactly remember how and when it started! Maybe during the “walks” at the beach when I couldn’t even walk! Maybe when listening to mum and dad stories of how Portuguese explores got on a big boat and travelled all around looking for exotic new places and discovering the world! Maybe it was all those sunsets and sunrises over the Atlantic wondering what was on the other side… But one thing I can tell, as long as I remember being myself, I have had this strong connection that I have always wanted to follow in my ancestor’s footprints to go explore and see the world.

Since I have been on the road, a question that I hear pretty much daily is:

“So, how many countries have you been to?”

I feel like there’s always this sort of competition going on between travellers, and the number of countries you have put your feet on. Somehow, this makes the one with the higher number, automatically the “winner”, which I find a bit ridiculous to be honest.

For me, it has never been to just get another stamp in my passport. That was never the goal and it will never be. Every country that I have visited is way much more than a number. They are incredible memories and a lot of knowledge mixed with so many other things.

What I really want, is to learn about other cultures and traditions and to meet new and diverse people. To see new wonders – both man and nature created and to touch new things. To taste new flavours and to smell new fragrances…

That is why I prefer to spend an extensive amount of time in a place instead of trying to go too many places in a short span of time. For example, I was in China for 3 months. I was in India for 2 months. Japan another 2 etc etc etc. And I totally needed it, as there was so much to learn and explore.

And right now I am feeling it again; you know that feeling of going to a new country for the first time? When you land at the airport and you get out of the plane and feel the weather slapping your face gently? And you look all around you and try to find something new and different? Yeah, airports are pretty much the same everywhere but you still try to find those little things that are unique in each place? And once you get out, then the real exploration begins, and it often begins as “hmmmm this humid weather reminds me of….” or, “ahhh all this green reminds me of….” and you automatically start to compare and to analyze this new place. Then suddenly you feel that adrenaline rushing in your blood… Personally, I always feel so pumped and excited about what I am going to see and to learn. So it’s happening … it’s happening again and this time there’s something special going on, and to celebrate; I am writing about it, as I want to share it with you.


So, I have arrived to Sri Lanka. A new country, a first visit. It’s special because Sri Lanka is my number 50. The 50th country I have visited.

Sri Lanka # 50

Sri Lanka # 50

As a list obsessed person (just have a look at my bucket-list here) I have been creating a spreadsheet with all the countries I have visited with the number of times and the years. I don’t count countries that I have just passed by both on a car or on a flight layover, only countries I truly visit.

Looking back at the list makes me feel so happy and proud as I have been following my old dream to travel the world and I am not even close to stopping.

So I would like to challenge you to create your own list. To get ambitious! Try to go to as many places you can possibly can. Not for the number, but for everything you will learn. You will become a much richer person, that I can assure you.

Dream, believe in yourself and work smart to achieve the results you have been dreaming of.

Find your inspiration.

I found mine when I was a little kid.

Well, when you have a national anthem that starts as: “Herois do Mar, Nobre povo..” which means: “Heroes of the sea, noble people..”, you should be dreaming of big things… thanks to my Portuguese heroes. I will continue to spread our name wherever I go. So that list will continue to grow, not in number only, but in knowledge and richness.




Around the world in 50 countries – to be continued…

1. Portugal

2. Spain (pretty much every year)

3. France (92 / 00 / 01 / 12)

4. Israel (93)

5. Turkey (96)

6. England (03 til 15 <every year>)

7. Brazil (05)

8. Slovenia (05)

9. Italy (05 / 11)

10. Germany (05 / 06 <2>)

11. Holland (07)

12. USA (08 / 13)

13. Canada (08)

14. Norway (08)

15. Denmark (08 / 12)

16. Sweden (08)

17. Ireland (09)

18. Switzerland (09 / 13)

19. Slovakia (10)

20. Austria (10)

21. Thailand (10 / 14<5>)

22. Cambodia (10 / 14)

23. Vietnam (10 / 14)

24. Wales (10)

25. Hungary (10)

26. Scotland (10 / 11 / 13)

27. Indonesia (11)

28. Malta (11)

29. Moroccos (11 / 12)

30. Angola (11 / 13)

31. Egypt (12)

32. Mozambique (12)

33. South Africa (12)

34. India (13)

35. Malaysia (13 / 14)

36. Singapore (14)

37. Hong Kong (14)

38. Macau (14)

39. China (14)

40. Laos (14)

41. Myanmar (14)

42. Japan (14)

43. South Korea (14)

44. Philippines (14)

45. Taiwan (14)

46. United Arab Emirates (15 <3>)

47. Jordan (15)

48. Iran (15)

49. Oman (15)

50. Sri Lanka (15)



Sri Lanka # 50

Sri Lanka # 50










And for those that keep me asking how can I do it, read my previous post: “My Lifestyle Secret” or visit

Much love,


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