Back to Bali, Baby!!!

emmaolmi   January 28, 2018   1 Comment on Back to Bali, Baby!!!

2011 was just starting and I vividly remember during a lunch break having this long conversation with my team leader about travels and destinations…

I used to work at this big consultancy company and my team leader, Stephen Capron (RIP), which was a cool dude with a Geography degree, told me how much he fell in love with this paradisiac island (Bali) where he spent his honeymoon. The way he described it, I knew I needed to visit.


A couple of months later, during Spring, I landed in Bali for the first time.

I am not going to deny that my first impression was rather disappointing.

You see, for some reason, I always had this idea that Bali was a beach paradise (maybe I just confused it with Bora Bora?!?!), so I remember to get to Kuta and be in shock. The water was grey and dirty, the sand was dark and could hardly see any palm trees. Instead everything was pretty dirty, sights of extreme poverty everywhere and a bunch of drunk Australians partying in the early morning hours – obviously, the party hasn‘t finished from the previous night.


Back then I didn’t bother do much research, but I had bought a Lonely Planet guide and had read Eat Pray Love, so I thought I would be ok. Plus I was determined to make this experience memorable for all the right reasons so off I went and started exploring and mingling with locals and other travelers alike with no real plan.

3 weeks later, a lot of beautiful memories saved, experiences lived and a bunch of people connected, I was in love with Bali and imagined that one day I would return.


However, never imagined that I would actually live on this stunning island. Twice.


7 years later, here I am again. I just moved to Bali last week, and I am so excited and positive about this “little” change.


You see, back in 2015 I have returned to Bali and what was supposed to be a month stay became 8 months one…


Roughly a month ago, at the end of 2017, I got a call that would change my 2018 completely. My friend and mentor, Rhonda Swan, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and here I am, in Bali working in a bunch of awesome projects that I can’t wait to share with you all.


For now, all I can tell is that I am so grateful and blessed for being able to do what I love and follow my passions and my calling. All of that while under a 30 °C degree sunny weather, surrounded by beautiful jungles, scenery, and long beaches.

Back in Bali <3


So, for the next few months I will be living in Bali – not sure for how long due to visa and UK residency pending… but I will certainly keep you updated on my whereabouts and about my adventures.


Much love,


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One thought on “Back to Bali, Baby!!!

  1. Annie x

    Wow – I thought you were going somewhere different this time Emma but it’s obvious from your post how much you love the place…it’s a special place for Vanessa too she got engaged there …
    I’m sure you will be very happy there 💕


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