Day 1- The Beginning of the Transformation

Being competitive isn’t necessarily a bad thing as many seem to think. Somehow there’s a ugly connotation in the word competition. It has become synonymous of envy and greed.

However, I disagree!

Being competitive in our academic life, working space or just generally in our personal lives, is to me, the key to achieve success and crucial to move into the ranks! Why? Because competition drives performance, makes you creative, keeps you alert, increases your quality, helps you with long term planning and of course, helps to manage success and failure!

I have always considered myself extremely competitive. I thrive on competition because gives me a extra reason to push myself forward, drives me to work harder and dig down deeper to deliver more and gives me MOTIVATION.

It is about personal goals and achieving those.

So today, while at the swimming pool, got a message from one of my mentors, Rhonda Swan, informing us that there will be a competition/challenge and that totally made my day! You will understand why in a few days…!!!! I am totally in and the best is that you will be part of it too πŸ˜€



So the challenge consist, for the next 26 days, to record a video and write a blog that can help my followers! So basically, I will be sharing tips and secrets on how I live my freedom lifestyle and how can you do the same!!!

I am extremely excited not for the competition itself but mostly for the challenge as its quite important to put rules on myself –and by doing this, I will write more, share more, teach more, inspire more and also being inspired more. It is all about transformation and cannot wait to share more with you about this beautiful transformation that will be happening through these next weeks and how much this will be improving my life and potentially yours.

But for now, watch the first video and get excited, because there’s much more to come.



Much love from beautiful Bali,


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10 thoughts on “Day 1- The Beginning of the Transformation

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      Thank you Joanie πŸ˜€ Loving doing this. Looking forward to meet you and keep experiencing more transformations from you, maybe we can jump out of something together? :p xoxo

  1. Todd Swan

    It’s amazing that we finally got a chance to meet for the first time here in Bali! I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Mastermind and hearing more about your explorations. Cheers!!!

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      ahahaha thanks Todd!!!!! Pleasure has been all mine and CANNOT wait for the Mastermind πŸ˜€ And create more explorations and this time with you all πŸ˜€ xxx


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