Day 17 – Solo Travel or Accompanied Travel?


Almost everyday someones tells me that I am very brave for travelling the world alone.

I always laugh because I don’t see it as a big deal. HONESTLY.

It is so natural to me!

I have been traveling alone since I am 19. In fact, all my trips longer than 2 weeks have been done by myself and I LOVE it.

It amuses me when some people act with some sort of pity, like they are sorry that I am traveling alone. I laugh. Really.


Solo travel is an experience like no other, as it allows you to enjoy a destination on your own terms, without distractions or other people schedules and preferences. And mostly, it gives you time for contemplation and personal growth.

Contemplating the World

Contemplating the World

You see, if you know me, you know I am an extrovert and bubbly as someone can be. The fact that I travel alone doesn’t necessarily means I am always alone. In fact, I am so rarely alone, that I often wish I would have more time by myself.

Coming from a huge family, where we always have people surrounding us at all time, I actually feel very comfortable being with myself, as I appreciate those moments.

But being by myself, gives me the opportunity to meet more people. From locals, to other travellers to expats, I always end up meeting new people on a daily basis. When accompanied, it isn’t as easy as people just don’t see the point to come and talk to you, if that makes sense. And I also don’t make much effort as I already have company.


But there’s one thing I love even more than being alone while traveling.

I LOVE when my friends come to visit or when I go visit my friends around the world.

Been very lucky to have several friends coming to meet me during these last 667 days and I also visited a few that live in this side of the World.

So guess whats happening today?

Yep, check my Video to find out! I can only tell you that I am VERY VERY VERY excited!!!!!



Much love from Sunny Bali,


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