Day 9 – How much would cost you a trip like mine?

So here’s another question that many people ask me ALL THE TIME.

I must say I absolutely love Asia, and after 2 years of traveling, I haven’t managed to leave this continent yet.

It is a massive continent that stretches from tropical jungles to freezing negative temperatures, from the backwards and bizarre countries of North Korea to the ultra modern Singapore and from super expensive Japan to dirty cheap India.

One of the reasons I love this continent is obviously the costs of traveling here.

Some of the cheapest countries in the world are in Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Nepal, etc etc

Obviously, not every country is dirty cheap. In fact, the differences can be striking. Budget travellers can easily “burn” over $100 per day in UAE, while with the same $100 in Cambodia you would be staying at a proper posh hotel and eating at the best restaurants in town!

But we can say the same within one country. Looking at China for example, the prices in rural non touristic areas are extremely different from Beijing and Shanghai.

Now, how much my travel costs? Does that really matter?

Save for your Adventures

Save for your Adventures

Thing is, we are all different and it will depend on what you are into and what your priorities are while traveling.

I will give you an example:

I don’t stay in hostels that often as I like to have my private space. And I have befriend people that always stay in hostels because of budget reasons, however, even at staying at a nice decent hotel, I would spend less on a daily basis than my friends that would be at the dirty hostel sharing with 10 other people. How you ask? Because as much as I like partying, I wouldn’t go out every night and as I am not into alcohol, cigarettes or drugs – something that those same friends would be into and blow most their money with. I also don’t use taxi or any sort of transportation on small distances as I enjoy walking and exploring by foot. So I guess its a question of priorities. I rather spend on decent accommodation and healthy food than on other items. 


Regardless, have a look at my video where I give more input on travel costs and how mind set plays an important factor on how you spend your money.



And to finish, because some of you have been rather curious about prices in Thailand, I decide to give a little bit extra information.

Even though Thailand is increasingly focusing on mass tourism and upscale, that doesn’t meat it has entirely lost its status as a backpacker heaven. In fact, it still is one of the cheapest destinations (if you avoid the islands and the touristy beachside places).

So did a little table of what you should expect from the land of smiles, which by the way, was approved by my very good friend Corrine Wellington, that was lucky enough to spent the last 2 years living in the beautiful Chiang Mai in Thailand! Also decided to compare it with the prices in UK (based on the capitals – London VS Bangkok), and hopefully make YOU, yes you my friend, to get a mind switch and come visit me at this side of the world 😀 

London VS Bangkok

London VS Bangkok


Much love yall.








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9 thoughts on “Day 9 – How much would cost you a trip like mine?

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      AHAHAHA Thanks Becky :p and yes, S E Asia really is paradise when it comes to costs 😀
      See you sooooooon 😀

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      Hello Michelle,

      I spent 3 months in Thailand last year and one of my best friends lived there for the last 2 years, she just left, and was based by our recent experiences =)


  1. Shaun

    And I live between London and NY. I should move to BKK, would save a lot ehehehe. Thanks for explaining how works with the costs too lol

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      LOL definitely Shaun, you “only” live in the 2 most expensive cities in the world, but between us, also the most damn wonderful cities in the world too ahahaha. Miss both :p
      But yeah, come to Asia and visit me 😀 xx


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