Day 6 – My biggest struggles on the road

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Wow, what you are doing is so amazing, you are so lucky!!” “That is such a good life, wish I could do the same”, “Bet you always have a great time, you don’t even need to cook or do your laundry”  bla bla bla bla bla…

Yes, I feel very blessed and I do love my lifestyle and being able to travel the world, but it is not all glitter and gold, as many of you suggest.

Like everything, there are many downsides.

Traveling non stop, and being always on the move, can really wear a person down.


So as amazing my life can seem to you, remember that I go through things that are tough.

While my trip, seems to be like a collection of stunning paradisiac beaches, gorgeous green mountains or cosmopolitan cities, at the same time theres struggles that aren’t easily photographed.


In the last 2 years, I have said more goodbyes than I said in the rest of my life. Relationships are ephemeral and it sadness me that I am always saying goodbye all the time, specially because one of my favourite things about traveling is meeting so many special and wonderful people.

However, after a while on the road, the pain to say goodbye, makes you wonder if isn’t just better not to even bother to meet people at all, and I find myself, me, the “social butterfly” as I have been addressed so many times, developing this sense of detachment. Kinda become numb to it all…

Reality is, despite Facebook and all social media, you know, most of those people you will never see again.

Been blessed to make a lot of friends and some I manage to be in touch and even meet again, but it is definitely rare and a downside of the travel adventure.

But I guess that is just part of the journey. It really happens to everyone that travels on a long term basis.

Now, many of you have been asking me what’s my biggest struggles while traveling, so decided to record a little video telling you what I consider being my biggest ones… and they might surprise you.


Obviously there are many more… like language barriers, being able to be connected with my family/friends, not having a fixed address and having to carry my house on my back, rarely have an opportunity to unpack all my things, etc etc.


Carrying my "house" with me at all times

Carrying my “house” with me at all times

But I rather concentrate on the positives of traveling so the struggles are just a small price you pay to live an incredible adventure.

Love from Bali


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3 thoughts on “Day 6 – My biggest struggles on the road

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      ahahahah Angie, if you had to actually carry it you wouldnt love it ahahah its 28kg :S
      I feel like my back is worse than my grandmas lol xx

  1. Lisa

    AHUAHUAH! I knew you would say your luggage. Girl, never met anyone carring as much luggage as you. I could’t even put that in my back and walk. I dont know how you managed for that long.
    But wish I could see you again on the road.
    Good continuation X


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