Hello Middle East!!!

Here I am, seated on some old chairs at Sharjah airport (for you that aren’t familiar with the Middle East and never heard about it, I am talking about the “poor” and “budget” neighbour of Dubai airport which is obviously cheaper to fly from… therefore my second time here at the departures in the last 2 weeks) waiting for my gate to open.

I look around me and everyone is completely covered – men included! I am wearing long trousers and a shirt that barely shows any skin (unusual for me… I know) still I manage to feel naked… I guess it is all the strange looks I am receiving… They are not malicious I must say. I think I see and feel some curiosity in peoples eyes when they look at me. Recently I understood why.

They think I am one of them. However, they seem to think that I am “lost” somehow…

It’s been 3 weeks since I have landed in this side of the world and several people approach me and start talking to me in arabic… It’s not the first time. It happened the same in Morocco and in Egypt a few years ago. They find it hard to believe I am Portuguese and keep insisting I am from somewhere around here…

Apparently it’s my big eyes and body shape. Well, seems like Latin and Arab ladies are similar somehow after all… Well Shakira is both!

I am about to board toTehran (Iran), and I am so excited and curious at so many levels about this enigmatic country. But I must confess one of the things I am very curious about is if I can find my long lost “twin sister”… Yes, because the amount of times people say I look Persian, I am guessing I might finally find someone that looks very much like me! I will definitely keep you updated on that.

New look for the next weeks.

New look for the next weeks.

Anyway, this is just a quick hello to you all and to let you know I am ok – well if you follow my Footprints in the Clouds Facebook Page you certainly know I am alive and kicking ahahah and very happy I must say. Reason is, for the last 3 weeks I have been living incredible adventures and met so many generous and inspiring people, both in Jordan and in UAE.

Thing is, I am always busy actually living those adventures and hanging out with that special people that I hardly have time to open my laptop… But the stories will come… and sooner rather than later.

For now the only thing I am sharing with you is that is hot. Seriously hot. Its been extremely difficult to adapt and I doubt I ever will. After all I am talking about 45 c degrees hot – that converted in London weather is the equivalent to Hell.

Now time to board… and wish me luck as for the next 2 weeks I will be hiding all my skin and hair. Don’t know how Emma Olmi will pull that off, but positive I will.

Have a great night =)


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6 thoughts on “Hello Middle East!!!

  1. Ray Muhammad

    OMG!! Emma.. Your posts excited me and give me a rush of motivation everytime I see what you’re uP too! Keep it up gurl – hopefully I may see you in Dubai still if you’re over there in July? xx

    1. emmaolmi Post author

      Hey hunny!!!!! Thank you so much, So sad we didnt manage to meet again in Dubai but surely I will see you in London at some point 😀

      Big hugs xxx


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