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I spent an amazing time in Singapore, had so much fun and did so many different things…so would like to tell you my top 5 and hopefully you will visit Singapore someday and who knows, maybe use my suggestions 🙂


5. Night Life

For the first time in a while I did some hard partying, and thanks to Singapore. As I have a friend in town, he took me to what probably was the best places (LGBT)… and after some bars, clubs and discos, it felt like home… the only difference is that most people had different face features (most were Asian so not as multicultural)… all the rest was like being in London or even in NY and that was awesome. Danced like was the end of the world and the music was great too…  we even had some K pop + all the western tunes.

Little curiosity tho, if you want to drink, don’t worry, you don’t need to go to the bar and wait 20min to someone to serve you… no, because you will have plenty of staff during all nigh coming to you (and everyone else in the club/bar etc) and ask you if you want to drink and what, and then shortly later they arrive with the right drink and you pay. I must say its quite incredible as the places are completely full of people and they manage to be always there for when you need a drink and they always bring you the right drink… impressive.


4. Old Chinatown

Well, maybe I am a bit biased, as my gorgeous hostel was in Chinatown, so was the area I spent more time, but I have to say that pretty much all the Chinatowns I have been to, this one was one of the most vibrant and fun I have been.  This Chinatown is so special that large parts of it have been declared national heritage sites. Another interesting fact about Chinatown in Singapore is its ethnicity. Not only this neighbourhood features distinctly Chinese cultural elements but also has a Mosque and an Hindu temple, which I have found so peculiar and different.


Marina Bay

Marina Bay

3. Marina Bay – Waterfront promenade and the skyline 

Marina Bay is Singapore’s postcard. The place is just stunning and the waterfront promenade is like the most relaxing walk you can have in a big city. Walked for a couple of hours and enjoyed it so much. The skyline is quite impressive but the most incredible is knowing that the whole area used to be sea. Basically since the 70s that land reclamation was carried out at Marina bay, forming what is today the Marina Centre.  From museums to the Singapore flyer (Singapore’s answer to London’s eye.), to shopping malls, financial centre, casino and one of the fanciest hotels on Earth – Marina Bay Sands, you pretty much get anything you want on this Bay.



2.  Gardens by the Bay 

Number 2 has to go for the brand new national icon  and the premier urban outdoor recreation space:  the Gardens by the Bay – also in the Marina Bay.

Basically the gardens are a integral part of a strategy be the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a  “Garden city” to a “City in a garden” and the aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.

The gardens are huge and are on a prime location, just behind the Marina Bay Sands, one of the most spectacular and luxurious hotels in the world.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay


The garden is free, however, my favourite are the conservatories, which has an entrance fee, but I strongly advise you to visit both and the night shows at the supertrees, which is free.

  • The Flower Dome: a stunning place where you find plants and flowers from pretty much every corner of the world. Is like in one minute you were in Africa and suddenly you had your feet in Europe but then you walk into Asia to jump in Americas and walk to Oceania. Incredible. Been to several gardens but this was different for sure. A must visit.
  • The Cloud Forest Done: now this is certainly a magical place. It replicates the cool moist conditions found in tropical “Cloud Mountains”. It was so surreal to be there because was like being in the middle of a jungle, even tho I was more in the middle of a big city. And with names such lost world, cloud walk, secret garden and crystal mountain it made the whole experience even more surreal. Also there was this amazing exhibition called +5 degrees which is basically a video show, one of the most well produced I have seen, that in a very clever and real way shows the dangerous on what will or might happen if the temperature of the planet rises with an average of 5 degrees Celsius due to global warming.
  • Supertrees Grove:  those beauties are basically tree-like structures that dominates the gardens landscape. With heights that range between 25 and 50 meters they are absolutely impressive, and any picture you take will look something coming out of Avatar movie. But the best about this special “trees” is the night show they offer. Every evening, twice a day, there will be light shows that last for roughly 20min and is one of the most exciting things I have seen. I have watch it twice, once from the bottom (free) and other from actually the top of the trees (yes, you can go up for a small fee), and I strongly advise you to see the show both ways as is so magical.



 1. Zoo + Night Safari

WOW, and the number one spot for what to do in Singapore is definitely visiting the ZOO and its Night Safari.

Singapore Zoo has  been considering by many the best in the world and so far, I have to agree. Its has been known to have among the most beautiful settings in the world where animals roam freely in open and natural habitats.

As an activist, I am quite judgemental to places where can be considered exploration and offer bad treatment for animals, but didn’t feel bad at all in this Zoo, reason is, the animals looked healthy, happy and its seemed like they where back in the wild. It is beautiful and refreshing.

But more than the Zoo, I liked the Night Safari even more. Basically the ZOO has this sort of spaces, attractions  or should I say exhibits? They are part of the Zoo, but they are still separated and have different entrances plus you also have to buy a different ticket.

The exhibits are the Jurong Bird Park, the River Safari (that is a sort of huge aquarium) and the one I loved the most, The Night Safari.

As someone that have done a real safari in Africa, I was excited about doing this night safari… and was the best thing I have done in Singapore. After spending around 8h in the ZOO, I went straight to the Night Safari. Got at 7pm and left at 11.30pm. If you think over  12h seeing animals might be too much, let me tell you, is not if you are in Singapore hottest spot.

The safari was so incredible and different from anything I have done in my life. It started with a very clever show where the animals teach us the importance of recycling, yep, they are the ones teaching us… and other sort of fun activities, then is time to get on a  little train and explore. Best part was leaving the train and go explore the safari… it was like I was in the middle of the jungle and could hear all the animals… was quite scary as its so dark and you feel lost in the middle of a jungle, but was so exciting. Best part was seeing the lions and how much the lionesses were in charge and were the ones protecting the males… incredible 🙂

Beautiful Animals

Beautiful Animals


So if you happen to be in Singapore or considering visit this marvellous place, definitely try to do some party, eat some food in Chinatown, walk by the bay, explore the gardens and spend a day with the most beautiful animals on Earth.


Hope it helped but if you have any question, leave me a comment as I am happy to help.




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8 thoughts on “Singapore Top 5

  1. Kevin Henson

    I have been to Singapore four times in 2013 and because it was on business, I missed most of the attractions. I will go back this year and seek out these treasures, on holiday this time….

    1. Emma Olmi Post author

      Kevin, so nice to hear from you 🙂 And YES, please go back and visit beautiful Singapore… its a delicious little place that I cant recommend enough 🙂 xxx

  2. Danny Wolsey

    Never intrested me to go there but after reading your blog on Singapore one day I will definatly visit :)) xx

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  4. Isabela (irmã)

    Singapura tem sítios fantásticos. Gostava imenso de ir a esses jardins e a esse ZOO.



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