Social Media Break + Exciting News

So,  after a little (or perhaps too long) break from social media in general, I have decided to come back.

I do understand the importance of social media and don’t think it’s necessarily a negative thing. However, like everything in life, too much of something can be bad.

Running an online business these days involves a lot of time around your laptop and even more time on your phone doing social media – and is just how it is.

However, I felt like I really could do a little detox from picture sharing, video messages and daily posts from my life… and the truth is: that felt wonderful. Less time on my phone – what a bliss.

I have done it before, but this time I promised to use the time I would spend on social media, doing things that were important to my wellbeing such more walks in nature, more reading, more mediation and spend more quality time with family and friends – and that’s exactly what I did.

The whole time, even tho it felt good, at the same time I was attacked on a daily basis with this feeling… The guilt feeling. And the questions were always lingering around: am I disappointing my following? Are people really going to be upset if I don’t post as much? I know it will affect my business a little but could be completely damaging?  

Having a break <3 but moving forward

Whatever, what I truly know is, that I need to keep living my life being authentic to myself.

If I feel like somehow I am forcing myself to do something I am not in the mood, then I am not going to do it. To have that control is wonderful however also might keep pushing you to a limit and when you realize you are having an internal fight with your own self about when is the right time to stop and when to come back if coming back at all…


However, hold on to your knickers, because after a little hiatus, I am now back and with a BANG.

Have wonderful news on so many levels. I will be sharing those slowly and soon you will get why I needed this break. But worry not, not only I am back but you will be following my journey closely – if you wish to… because I am about to embark on a little adventure then it will be followed by a much bigger adventure.


Are you ready?


Follow my Instagram and Facebook pages for more info…

Adventure starting in a few days 😀

Does anyone want to try to guess what it could be?

Much love, always



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