Traveling babies: YAY or Nay?

So, it’s only been a few weeks since I have given birth, but seems like everyone has the same question:

“What about traveling???”

I do understand, I do… I remember the days that I used to think it was one or the other. “Can I really have children and still travel” would I wonder?

And if there’s something I have learned while my footprints in the clouds journey around the world, is that indeed you can have little ones and still be a wanderer. 

The best example I have is my dear friend and protegee, Hanalei Swan. Hanalei is now 12, but she started her nonstopping world tour when she was only 1 year old. She has visited every continent (apart from Antartica) and dozens upon dozens of countries and lived in several of them. 

Yes, Hanalei might be a bit of an extreme case, but there are so many children I have met through these years traveling the globe in the long term.

But frankly, traveling is not really my priority at this stage. 

Right now, the little trips to the supermarket are already too much to handle so not really looking forward to grabbing a newborn and put him on a plane to go explore the planet…. Not at all.

Romeo traveling… to the museum by our place :p

I will for sure, but when he is a bit older to appreciate and when I feel ready to take on such a role… after all, traveling with one big luggage is one thing. Adding a baby and his own luggage changes everything. 

For now, we will be waiting for his passports to arrive, and then we will do his first trip: to Portugal of course. After that, we will see when this new mummy will be able to keep adding new footprints all over the clouds, now with some little feet too. 

And you? Would you travel the globe with a little one?

Would love to hear your thoughts. 


With love,


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