UK tour – a Spicy tale

So I have been living in the UK for the last 13 years, therefore it might come as a surprise that I am not very familiar with the United Kingdom itself….

But I guess it happens to a lot of us… I personally always leave what is supposed to be easier for last… is almost why would I want to go and visit Wales which is a couple of hours away, when I could just explore Myanmar? 

I was recently offered a really cool poster with the top 100 places you should visit before you die – a sort of map Bucket list that you scratch each place you already ticked… And I wasn’t surprised that I have done a good part of them, but the only one missing on the first row was actually the only place in Portugal… which I haven’t fully visited… lol shocked? Ahahah that’s me… I go and visit some obscure and remote places but I haven’t fully checked my own country or the countries I have lived in. 

I always say I will once I am older or don’t have as much time/opportunity…

Anyway, that time has come – sort of – and this is what I wanted to share on this post. 

This Summer I don’t have the chance/opportunity to travel too far – will explain the reasons soon in a near post, so the Summer will be spent exploring the Kingdom I call home… 

These last few days I actually went on a very special tour… within a few weeks, I visited a bunch of different cities in 3 countries: Ireland, England and Scotland. 

Reason? Spice Tour + Sister Tour

Now if there’s something that doesn’t come as a surprise to you, if you know me the slightest, is my love and dedication to THE Girls Band that forever changed the pop Industry in the 90s and had such a huge impact in the life of millions of other teenagers like me. 

With my girls

Anyone that knows me knows of my devotion and unconditional love for the 5 women that have been such a powerful influence and inspiration in my life!  To me the Spice Girls aren’t just singers or artists, they are mentors and teachers! I owe so much to them! ✨

But one of the best things they ever gave me was the gift of real friendship! 💖

Because of them, I have the most multicultural, colorful, fun, wonderful group of friends spread all over the world! 

So when they announced they would be doing a UK tour last year, 12 years after their last one, guess who spent a large amount of my travel fund (lol) to see them?

My Girls

And one of the best things from the tours or any Spice event is that we all come together – often flying from all over the world, so we can reunite and support our girls 🙏🏽✨

And that is what happened for the last 3 weeks – almost every day I’ve been meeting with these same misfits that like me, have devoted a large portion of their lives (and money 😅) to these girls! 👩🏼‍🦰👩🏼👩🏻👩🏾‍🦱

Last night of the tour, last ones to leave!

But a couple of weeks ago, the 15th of June in Wembley, was mega special because it was the LAST night of this magical tour!l! And to be able to sing, dance, laugh, cry, party with these same wonderful friends (and the Girls family and even Simon Fuller) was the best way to end this chapter (at least for me and for now) and couldn’t wish for anything else more – ok maybe Victoria coming to say Hi…. at least …! 👀

What a wonderful and magical night and just want to say thank you to all that shared the last night (and the last month) with me!!!

Obviously, on top of that, I managed to do some exploration around the United Kingdom & Ireland and even visit 2 of my sisters that live further North. My 3 favorite passions together, Family, Music, and Traveling – Win Win Win!

Girl Power everyone, 



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