Visas & Discrimination + World Division

After traveling to over 60 countries, it finally happened.

I have been discriminated against.

But first, let me make it clear.

I know.

I am aware!

I am so aware of how privileged I am.

I know the value of my passport, I truly know. And that actually bothers me.

You see, I believe in equality so is hard to swallow that the fact where you were born will dictate where you can and cannot go.


As a traveler and travel lover, I can’t see biggest injustice.

Aren’t we supposed to be all the same and have the same rights?

Ranking high…

So why can the citizens of Germany be able to travel to over 166 countries (126 visa-free) while a citizen of Cambodia can only visit 58 countries (and only 20 visa-free)? And if you were born in Afghanistan (which holds the lowest passport rank) then you can only visit 30 countries – but only 5 you are visa-free… Isn’t this shocking? And how unfair?

Have a look at the world ranks and the most powerful and weakest passports in the World here: Passport Rank

As a Portuguese citizen, I am 3rd on the Passport Power Rank and can visit 164 countries, 122 of which completely visa-free.

So might not come as a surprise that I have been in fact privileged and been able to visit any county I wanted.


But today, it all changed. And I want you to know what happened.

I have recorded a video where I share with you one of the biggest and saddest disappointments of my traveler life.

I have been finally a victim of discrimination and the reason why is just plain pathetic.

And I want you to know and I want you to be upset. Why? Because this shouldn’t be the World in 2018 and it is up to us to change it.

Are you with me?



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3 thoughts on “Visas & Discrimination + World Division

  1. Emilia

    I am with you, it’s utterly unfair and discriminating. Good on you for sharing light into this. I am so sorry this happened, I know you dream of an equal and fair world.

  2. Sean

    This is crazy – I am shocked.
    I don’t know anyone as nice as you and would be a privilege for us in the US to have you around to visit.
    To reject your entrance just because you are a traveler and been everywhere in the world is just ridiculous. we let saudis in. we let russians in. we let north koreans in. but not european women that have been to iran. I am ashamed of this baboon and his administration. #notmypresident.

  3. Jenny S.

    I have just seen this and I want to apologize Emma. Hope you know that most Americans didn’t vote for the clown. I am ashamed this has happened to you as you seem like an incredible person and like you said, your “crime” was to be curious and explore the world and you shouldn’t be treated like this.
    Hope this doesn’t put you off to visit USA and we hope the new administration and POTUS which will be blue will change that stupid new terrorist act.
    Sending love


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